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Managed Service Support

We work with our clients to create a custom support package unique to your technology and business needs. Whether you need a few systems monitored, supplementation of your existing IT staff or full infrastructure management, Bleufoot is here for you.

Desktop Support

Bluefoot offers "white glove" support for users specific needs that they may have at their individual computing resources. Whether they need a new printer installed, a drive is out of space or an application is not working correctly we are here to assist.

Software Support

Software installation, configuration and troubleshooting can be a daunting task that can rob your business and employees of time and productivity. That is where we can help, no matter the software, Bleufoot can do the heavy lifting of installing, configuring and remediating issues so your staff can focus on being productive.

Cloud Support

No matter what your cloud usage is, be it IaaS, SaaS or hybrid setup Bluefoot is here to help. We can either assist in managing your cloud based resources or fully manage it all. We support a variety of cloud providers, be it AWS, Google, or Azure, Bleufoot has the knowledge and experience to support you.

Network Support

Your network is the backbone of your IT environment, making sure it is safe and secure can be a challenge. We work with out clients to understand their network needs and focus on providing support that will keep your network safe, secure and fast so you can focus on being productive.

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