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Consulting Services

Bleufoot Solutions offers a variety of Consulting Services for whatever your IT and Business needs are. Let our experienced and knowledgeable professionals help you achieve your goals. 

Virtual CTO

We know that not every business is at the size to need a CTO on hand for focusing technology to better serve your business needs. That is why Bleufoot offers Virtual CTO services. We help to formulate a technology path for your business and work with you to keep you on that path. Let Bleufoot’s years of technical experience help you with making the best choices for your businesses technical needs.

Project Planning

When it comes to projects, the most important part is proper planning. Making sure all stakeholders and information is known and fully understood is key to any successful project. We have years of experience planning projects of all sizes and are happy to work with you on your next project.

Project Management

Another critical aspect of any project is making sure they stay on course, on schedule and on budget. Leverage our years of experience completing projects on time and on budget. If you find your projects losing focus, we can help.

System Deployments  Projects

With business growth comes logistic challenges. Procuring, configuring and deploying IT resources, such as Desktops, Laptops and mobile devices to your work staff can be a difficult tak. But it doesn't have to be. Let Bleufoot help you with your deployment needs. 

Cable Installation & Management

Whether you are standing up a new office space or need a few cables to be run, we have you covered. Bleufoot offers network cable installation and cable management along with Audio cable installations for both new and existing office builds.

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